YouTube Teachers

Description was created to help teachers use educational YouTube videos to educate, engage and inspire their students. We know how busy teachers can be so we've worked with a group of teachers to put together playlists of partner videos that align with common core standards.

Why Use YouTube in your classroom?

Increase student engagement

  • Start your class off with an engaging video clip that brings a lesson to life and sparks a lively discussion.
  • No longer will students be late for physics class when you begin the class with an engaging clip.
  • Make the subjects applicable to your students' everyday lives by showing culturally relevant YouTube clips.
  • Teach students video production and editing skills through projects and upload the videos to your classes YouTube channel.

Free access to thousands of high quality educational videos

  • YouTube provides free, unlimited access to tens of thousands of videos of high quality educational content.
  • These videos range from the world's best professors giving hour long lectures to great teachers giving short lessons.
  • Check out the diverse array of educational content at


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YouTube Teachers Free Spend more time teaching, less time searching.


Masters K-12 Art Education Chatham Student
June 4, 2014

Youtube is a great place to find videos about any subject matter. In art I have been able to use these videos to give another perspective to the project. I can even find great vocabulary to pull from if I am stuck.

I like to show the students local artists who are creating every day. Youtube is a great place to find this information!

Elementary Teacher
September 2, 2012

It's amazing to me as I am teaching my elementary students about a new concept, the lack of background knowledge some students have. The YouTube Teachers site has allowed me to open up a whole new world visually to my little learners. It is quick and easy for me to reference when we are having a class discussion to pull up a short clip to give the students something to reference and build their knowledge on.

I have a lot of favorite clips that the students really connect to. One that stands out that is memorable for many students is titled, Similes and Metaphors in songs. A student in the video clip relays information to my students, making the whole process casual and relatable, while referencing lyrics in popular songs and explaining how they are similes or metaphors and help the students interpret the meanings.

I also feel comfortable allowing the students to browse the site during recess, and often times they come up to me and share something cool that they came across and ask if I can use it in one of our upcoming lessons!

Online English Tutor/ Health Care Provider
September 2, 2012

I love using this tool for years now. As an online tutor, I am continuously getting more tips everyday and I am able to see the different ways of how to teach properly online and how to express myself more to be a creative and effective teacher. What makes it special too is that you can choose from a lot of categories and almost all of the types of subjects are listed here already in just one click. It is also helpful for English and Science tutors like me because I can definitely link this video during my teaching hours on my students file for them to supplement our topic of that day.

This is also more practical to use to my students in English because they are able to listen to more proper English intonations and pronunciations even if it's not our teaching hours as well as to my Science students wherein they can definitely capture the difficult concepts right away through the creative video contents in Science. I recommend this to all.

August 29, 2012

I find this tool useful. Students appreciate the use of video clips during classes and the links are easily integrated into a Power Point presentation. Since teachers make these videos on this site it makes it easy to find quality video clips on a variety of topics. Also, the links provided are quite good. It is a good resource for teachers, I would recommend it to other teachers to integrate in their lessons. It will help to keep the students awake!

June 5, 2012

I just started using Youtube for schools through the filter. Love it! The filter allows you to flip the videos with discussion questions. The featured vid's have multiple choice questions too, which would be better for self-assessment, but they have elected not to allow m.c. question creation for the youtube videos. Go figure.

I was skeptical that I would find anything useful. I was wrong. Every physics concept I searched had at least 10 relevant hits, and two decent videos (though they were mostly lecture). Check it out for sure.

Technology Integration Specialist
April 24, 2012

What a great resource! I just wish my Department of Ed would allow Youtube in the schools.

April 21, 2012

I like this, and with the advent of Ted Ed as a you tube channel….even better. I have used the RSA animated talks to start discussion and have embedded clips in whole class presentations.

civics teacher
April 12, 2012

YouTube is an excellent resource for classroom teachers. I use YouTube clips for all of my classes to engage students and add depth to my lessons. Students appreciate the use of videos and the links are easily integrated into a PowerPoint presentation. The teacher component of the site makes it easy to find quality video clips on a variety of topics. The links provided are quite good and teachers are encouraged to add other topics and links that they use so I am sure that the number of high quality video clips will increase. As with any video, I always preview it to make sure that the link is still active. Also, be aware that some schools have filters that don't allow YouTube, so make sure you can access the site.