This tool is no longer in service


This tool is no longer in service.

We all want to be in touch with the "Zeitgeist"-the spirit of our times. We want to know the current events, important ideas and smart opinions that are circulating in our world-what's happening and what's interesting. And we want to be challenged with experiences that are new and unexpected.

With so much information available online today, it's increasingly difficult and time-consuming to find the content we want. That's where Zite comes in. Zite evaluates millions of new stories every day, looking at the type of article, its key attributes and how it is shared across the web. Zite uses this information to match stories to your personal interests and then delivers them automatically to your iPad or iPhone.

Zite harnesses and blends decades of research that it has tuned during six years of product development. Only Zite delivers your personal slice of the Zeitgeist.

Discover new sources for content

We've all been there. We're overwhelmed by information and it's hard to find new sources for content. Zite makes it easy by tapping into your Google Reader and Twitter history and paying attention to how you interact with the articles you read. Zite gets to know you better and better over time.


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Zite For iOS Free Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.


August 30, 2012

I love Zite! This is the first app I open on my iPad every morning and the last one I open every night. In a nutshell, Zite is the newspaper you wish existed. I have set up several categories based on topics I'm covering in class, and topics I'm personally interested in. Over time, Zite learns what is the reader is most interested in and the front page articles become more and more targeted. For example, because of what I've been reading and "liking," Zite now gathers articles on flipping classrooms for my first few pages. It is very easy to email articles to colleagues, or post them on Facebook or Twitter, and share information with others. I highly recommend Zite as a way to stay current on topics that are of particular interest to teachers.

ESL Teacher
August 24, 2012

My department uses Zite extensively to share resources. I find it a great way to discover new resources and websites.

I have not used this with my students yet, but that is a good idea. I will try that soon.

Director of Technology
May 27, 2012

I use this app in my current event classes every day. The students are able to create a personal magazine that has all of the topics that they are most interested in. I saw that once I introduced this to the class our conversations increased dramatically. It really was awesome.

May 14, 2012

In my Social Studies classes students are required to present on current events. Zite uses their twitter feed to draw in stories and blogs from all over the net that they may be interested in. They can give a thumbs up or down to each story they read, making all future stories even more tailored to their interests. This has dramatically increased the variety of stories and sources used because students are moving beyond the mainstream media outlets.

April 20, 2012

The best news aggregator available on the web. Ideal for extended reading at AP/A Level and IB students.