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Our mission: efficient learning of literacy skills and word study.

VocabularySpellingCity.com is dedicated to helping students, teachers, parent-teachers, and school systems. VocabularySpellingCity is an award-winning site with ongoing introduction of new features, many based on input from existing users.

VocabularySpellingCity.com has:

  • Over 42,000 spelling words with customizable sentences and definitions
  • A REAL person who says each word and sentence
  • Free home pages for teachers and parents to save lists
  • Teacher training videos
  • Free printable handwriting worksheets
  • Free teaching resources with lists and lesson plans
  • Twenty-five games to play online or to print such as:
  • Alphabetical Order, Unscramble, Parts of Speech, HangMouse, Crossword Puzzle, WordSearch, and Vocabulary Test.
  • A free forum and newsletters

Teachers: We have Parent Letters available as a PDF for you to print and send home with your students’ spelling word lists.


Plan Price Details
Free Free Basic features
Family Premium Membership $29.99 Up to 5 Students
Classroom Premium Membership $49.99 Up to 25 Students
Additional Students after Classroom purchase $1.95 per student 26-299 Students
Large Orders over 300 students $1.75 per student 300-999 Students
Large Orders over 1,000 students $1.55 per student 1,000-4,999 Students
Large Orders over 5,000 students $1.40 per student 5,000-20,000 Students


March 10, 2014

This tool is great for weekly spelling practice for this kids. I just write in the spelling words and can make them available for each student. I would definitely recommend this app to other teachers as well.

September 8, 2012

Spelling City is a great site to help students learn their spelling words as well as a place for teachers to enrich spelling lessons. Students and teachers can enter the weekly list of spelling words to create flash cards, take a practice test, or play spelling games. Spelling City makes spelling lessons more exciting and reinforces spelling in a way that traditional drill and kill practice methods do not.

Middle school Language Arts Teacher
September 1, 2012

Spelling is one of those subjects that tends to lose its interest after the primary years, but still needs to be taught. I started using spellingcity.com with my middle school students last year. They love the fact that they can key in their spelling words then access various free games and other activities that let them practice the words' spellings. There is even a test version where the words and their definitions are read by the computer program. Students then type the words and see how prepared they are for Friday's spelling quizzes. This free useful tool has helped improve my students' spelling. There is a premium version that has even more features, but I can only speak for the high quality of the free one!

May 25, 2012

Spelling City is great for student engagement, but one of my favorite features is how much time it saves me as a teacher. My lists are saved from one year to the next and they are easy to print and share. The VSC games are great at a computer center and are fantastic time-fillers on the Smartboard when you have a few extra minutes. I also love that parents can see and access our list at any time. This has really eliminated phone calls and notes asking about spelling words for an absent child or student who forgot to bring home his spelling notebook. There are also so many pre-made lists and teacher resources at your fingertips if you're just getting started. I also recently found out that your kids can use the games from the premium member area even if you are not a premium member as long as you use of of their lists to practice.

I'd be lost without Spelling City now!

May 22, 2012

Great site for vocab/spelling and creating lists that can integrate into educational games.