Sokikom is the only collaborative math program where elementary students help each other learn through a team-based game, as well as being able to learn on their own or with teacher assignments. Unlike any other math program, Sokikom was started through 6 SBIR grants from the U.S. Department of Education to positively impact the teaching and learning of mathematics in our nation. We’re using technology to create immersive learning experiences for students while delivering real-time data that allows teachers to adjust their instruction.

Sokikom has been shown in multiple studies–including year-long case studies–to increase student performance in state and district test scores. See the latest 3rd party study to show Sokikom’s improvement on SBAC math scores: sokikom_rio_study_abstract.pdf


Plan Price Details
Sokikom Contact for details Purchasing a Sokikom license includes: Common Core Math Program Licenses (English or Spanish), Pre-service Professional Learning Institute, Instructional and Administrative Coaching, Virtual Office Hours, and Technical Support.


Technology pre-k - 12
April 26, 2013

$5-$6 a month is NOT a good Educational value.

April 12, 2012

We homeschool, and this is a great tool to supplement our math learning. So far I am very impressed with the adaptive learning process – not too slow (as some complain about Dreambox), but not too fast either. I like the methodology that is used, and my son (6.5) finds it very engaging. Also, it is worth noting that when my parent version wasn't loading properly, I sent a feedback email and the next morning the problem had been solved and I had been sent an email about it. How rare an experience that is! I would recommend this tool to anyone with kids who want to learn at their own pace and enjoy learning on a computer. I would emphasize that as with any software, this is a good supplement to teacher-based learning, and not a replacement!