Mr. Andy Johnston

Ocean Grove Charter - Homeschooling


Part-time mechanical engineering consultant and part-time homeschool educator to 3 young kids. I look forward to utilizing this site as a resource for sharing great ed tech tools.

I teach ages: 3 to 7


April 12, 2012

We homeschool, and this is a great tool to supplement our math learning. So far I am very impressed with the adaptive learning process – not too slow (as some complain about Dreambox), but not too fast either. I like the methodology that is used, and my son (6.5) finds it very engaging. Also, it is worth noting that when my parent version wasn't loading properly, I sent a feedback email and the next morning the problem had been solved and I had been sent an email about it. How rare an experience that is! I would recommend this tool to anyone with kids who want to learn at their own pace and enjoy learning on a computer. I would emphasize that as with any software, this is a good supplement to teacher-based learning, and not a replacement!