Skoolbo – Common Core is a great new site for elementary children to help with reading and math. Skoolbo contains dedicated areas for children, parents and teachers. Children are immersed in an incredible learning world and are highly motivated by the inbuilt rewards mechanisms. Parents and teachers are equipped with an array of tools to help them achieve wonderful educational outcomes for their children.

Skoolbo is already used by children in more than 150 countries and we are delighted to announce the launch of the specially developed, fully aligned Common Core version in August 2014.

Skoolbo is accessible to everyone. Schools registering prior to June 30th will receive Forever Free status. This means that they will be able to use 100% of Skoolbo with all of their students and teachers on whatever platform they wish (tablet, desktop or web), at both school and home. We are committed in our belief that every child should be able to benefit from great eLearning.

We invite you to join the more than 1 million children, teachers and parents already on Skoolbo. We are confident your students will love it and most importantly you will see phenomenal improvement rates.


Plan Price Details
Students & Teachers Free 100% free for all students and teachers!
Parents $6.95/month Includes: Intelligent data and reports; Awards and certificates; Parent participation – Special app to play with children; Children excited about learning; Assists parents in guiding their children.
Schools $365/year Includes: Aggregated results from each class; High level analytics; Personalised school leaderboard; Student awards pack to lift motivation; Dedicated School Implementation Manager.


January 13, 2016

Skoolbo , by Skoolbo Limited offers personalized game-based skill practice for numeracy, literacy and English language learning allowing both teachers and parents to monitor and track a child’s progress. It’s also FREE!!! It is compatible with a variety of platforms including PC, Mac, and iPad (iOS) and Android devices a web version is available for older machines and Chromebooks. The skills covered in Skoolbo range from number and letter recognition to calculating percentages and reading comprehension. This wide variety of skills (60,000 questions and 200 learning outcomes) make this app appropriate for a wide range of children.…

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Special Education Teacher
July 7, 2014

My students loved this game but it is a downloadable program and was not user-friendly to set up and it took up a lot of computer space. If it were a web-based program, we would have used it more often.

eLearning Coach
June 28, 2014

Just signed my school up for this. Will review next term.

Teacher, timetabler
June 23, 2014

after a couple of emails to set up my school and no reply, for 2 weeks, i’d have to say this is poor!!!

May 23, 2012

A great site for educational games in an online world.

April 19, 2012

Skoolbo is a graphically beautiful 3D world where children can race against peers or virtual characters as they practice literacy and math skills which are “randomly” chosen for their skill level. Mr. Hill pointed out that the aim is to keep children engaged in the game for at least three years through an engaging environment, progressively challenging content and unique rewards. The games are set up to reward children every 15-20 minutes of play and after achieving 5000 points (approximately 6 weeks of play), there is a graduation ceremony which includes a party hosted by family members in Jib Jab style animations. Children can also collect points/coins which can exchanged for cool rewards such as super hero costumes. The feature that parents and teachers will love, is the ability to receive detailed progress reports as well as the opportunity to receive emails and alerts notifying them of important developments in student achievement.