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Since its founding in 1888 "for the increase and diffusion of geographic knowledge," the National Geographic Society has worked to educate audiences about our planet. National Geographic Education is responsible for creating and disseminating educational programs for schools, out-of-school settings, and the home. National Geographic Education's work targets two goals:

Geo-Literacy: Geo-literacy is an essential skill for decision-making in 21st century personal, professional, and civic life. It is the ability to make decisions based on an understanding of how the world works and how people and places are connected. It requires an understanding of how Earth's interconnected human and environmental systems function, how to reason geographically, and how to make systematic decisions.

Educational Outreach: The National Geographic Society is home to rich and diverse resources that have enormous potential to support learning. As the educational outreach arm of National Geographic, National Geographic Education is committed to maximizing the impact of the Society's rich media, scientific, and exploration programs on the education audience.


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March 11, 2014

This is a great free website that has tons of videos and resources. All you have to do is join with your Facebook account. The National Geographic magazines are a timeless treasure to use and now they have come to life through videos and pictures. When you send your students here to do research, you know that they will not be finding anything that they are not supposed to be getting into. There is an area also where you can play educational games, in an area set up for easy searching for your students. The website is laid out into categories so that you can easily find a video relating to your topic of interest.

March 10, 2014

Love that National Geographic has an array of different interests for students to learn about and explore on this site. This site has many great educational videos. Kids can further their excitement on learning by playing many of the games and crafts

March 9, 2014

National Geographic has developed amazing and insightful videos, magazines, and online journals that have been seen and used around the world and in thousands of classrooms.

This tool has great potential when working with it towards social studies curriculum by allowing you to search a topic then narrow your search by looking at photograph, video, place, channels, magazine, and the news.

When teaching a lesson on Aztec history I was pleased to find over forty different videos and articles that provided rich insight into the history of the Aztec culture.

Online English Tutor/ Health Care Provider
September 3, 2012

The National Geographic has been an important part of our history. Its videos are very informative, especially when the subject matter is science and/or history. If you don't know anything about a particular topic on your assignment or your research project, just watch the video coverage on National Geographic. I'm sure your brain would not leave empty handed. This site is not just for professionals and other serious people, it is also a good source of entertainment when you don't have anything to watch on the television. I know I've used it for my entertainment purposes. I'm sure you would enjoy it too.I recommend this to all.

teacher, instructor
September 2, 2012

For many years National Geographic has provided factual information in magazine format that is of high quality and interesting to students all over the world. Today, not only do students watch the National Geographic channel at home, but we teachers are able to bring the same quality to the classroom via videos. For example, my subject matter is Western Literature based on the history and development of the west since the Lewis and Clark expeditions. The videos are categorized into subjects, states, people and areas that the students can apply to whatever the topic they are studying or writing about. These videos are effective, easy to use with the overhead projectors, and requires minimum technology.

September 1, 2012

National Geographic has created excellent videos with coverage on a variety of subjects, especially Science and History.

Within a classroom, especially for Science and History teachers, this tool can be invaluable. While students can learn from textbooks or from their teachers about a variety of subjects, they seem to enjoy more when they can see the concepts they have learned in a visual manner. National Geographic is an excellent resource for this kind of supplemental material.

August 30, 2012

National Geographic serves as a great interest generator. The key is locating a clip that matches your particular subject matter. The video provided by National Geographic is rich in color and has great sound. The professional quality of the videos is evident.