Don’t simply watch video. Participate and collaborate with video in an active, social community of your peers. Flipgrid gives your students and colleagues a powerful voice. Flipgrid is proven! It has been used in over 20,000 classrooms and organizations across 113 countries.

Flipgrid is an active, social learning platform that engages learners through video-based discussion. The app extends the web-based environment and creates new possibilities for reflection, discussion, demonstration and collaboration.

How will you Flipgrid?

How Flipgrid works:

Flipgrid is easy to get started. Educators create Grids of short, discussion-style Topics to share with their users. Grids are collections of topics around a common theme. Each Grid can hold an unlimited number of Topics, and each Topic can hold an unlimited number of user-recorded video responses.

Topics are short text or video prompts that can include basic formatting (e.g., bold, italic) and links to websites or documents for critique and feedback opportunities.

Response videos are limited to a maximum of 90 seconds to promote clarity, organization, and engagement. Individual response videos can be liked and shared (e.g., Twitter, Facebook) or embedded on blogs, learner management systems, or websites.

For educators, Flipgrid enhances community and social presence in face-to-face, hybrid, and online classrooms. In other words, Flipgrid brings the back row to the front and gives all students a voice. Flipgrid is also a wonderful research tool for collecting qualitative data from individuals or focus groups.

For businesses, organizations, and community groups, Flipgrid helps expand your collective knowledge base and allow you to connect with employees, customers, and collaborators in a unique, fun-to-use fashion.

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Flipgrid Free Free for use.


July 12, 2018


Microsoft has acquired Flipgrid & they have made it open and free to all educators. I absolutely LOVE it! It allows for video discussion, which is an ESSENTIAL in American Sign Language courses. Students can share their opinions and ideas – and receive feedback from other students and instructors in the class.

I would encourage anyone & everyone to use this amazing tool in their classroom!

World language teacher
September 7, 2016

I teach French and use Flipgrid extensively in my classroom for presentational and interpretive speaking practice and assessments. I record myself or another French speaker asking questions, and the students then record their answer to the question – at school or at home. I also use it to record quick student pair conversations or individual presentations, and now with the response feature students can practice asking follow-up questions or even continue the conversation.

Flipgrid has saved me so much time in the classroom. Quick speaking checks that used to take days now take minutes. I even assign Flipgrid questions to my students when I have a sub – I just embed them into our LMS.

Teaching in a blended learning school, I’ve tried out and dismissed a lot of the recent Web 2.0 tools, but this one filled a real need in my classroom, and I will be sticking with it!