Ms. Kirsten Dickerson

World language teacher at Mentor Public Schools


A super nice member!

I teach: French

To ages: 13 to 18


September 7, 2016

I teach French and use Flipgrid extensively in my classroom for presentational and interpretive speaking practice and assessments. I record myself or another French speaker asking questions, and the students then record their answer to the question – at school or at home. I also use it to record quick student pair conversations or individual presentations, and now with the response feature students can practice asking follow-up questions or even continue the conversation.

Flipgrid has saved me so much time in the classroom. Quick speaking checks that used to take days now take minutes. I even assign Flipgrid questions to my students when I have a sub – I just embed them into our LMS.

Teaching in a blended learning school, I’ve tried out and dismissed a lot of the recent Web 2.0 tools, but this one filled a real need in my classroom, and I will be sticking with it!