CodeHS’s comprehensive computer science teaching platform provides teachers, schools and districts with everything they need to start or expand best-in-class computer science programs. With amazing teacher tools, resources and support, CodeHS is made for both new and experienced teachers who are passionate about expanding computer science in their schools.

CodeHS uses video tutorials, code examples, and coding exercises paired with a comprehensive suite of teaching tools to make sure that the teachers can teach and the students can learn, regardless of experience levels. CodeHS’s 6-12th grade course pathways will help your students learn everything from the basic fundamentals of computer science to building complex games – all in the browser.


Plan Price Details
Free Free This is our plan for classrooms just getting started. Free includes these awesome features: Access to our curriculum including Intro and AP courses; Easily see your students' code; Limited Teacher Resources; Up to 3 Sections per Organization; and Create 2 public Playlists.
Pro Contact for details. This is our plan for single school sites. Pro includes everything in Free, and: Comprehensive Student Progress Tracking Tools; Save Hundreds of Hours with Magic Grading; Automatic Gradebook; Formative and Summative Assessments; Award Custom Badges to Students; Access Controls Due Dates; Quiz Reporting Tracking; Create unlimited problems and Playlists; Create private Playlists; Lesson by Lesson Centralized Resources; Solution Guides for all Exercises; Problem Guides, Lesson Plans, Handouts, and more Teacher Resources; Priority Teacher Support; and View student code history for every program.
Super Contact for details. This is our plan for multiple schools, districts or networks. Super includes everything in Pro, and: Administrator Data Dashboards and Insights; Track Activity, Usage, and Progress Data Across Classrooms, Teachers, and Schools; Create your own custom courses with Course Builder; Data Export Tools; and District implementation support.
Ultra Contact for details. Build a best-in-class computer science program. Ultra includes everything in Super, and: Computer Science Pathway Development Support; Customize CodeHS Courses; and Access to Special Content.


Computer Science Teacher
July 9, 2018

Although I have not used this product, I plan to incorporate it at the beginning of the 2018-2019 school year. Utilizing this program the students will learn the coding concepts and I will learn how to teaching coding. Each video lesson is well designed and provides the student and the instructor with coding exercises that will expose the students to the fundamentals of computer science. The only drawback of Code HS is the cost. The program cost $2000 per classroom to license. Many districts are not willing to spend that kind of money on one program. Currently, over 50,000 students are utilizing Code HS to learn the fundamentals of coding.

IT Teacher
November 27, 2017

This my second year using CodeHS. The first year I only used CodeHS in my Introduction to Digital Technology classes. This year I’m using it for my “intro” classes and to supplement my AP Computer Science Principles class. The students are engaged and enjoy CodeHS. The software allows students to learn at their individual levels and to pace their learning and rigor as they learn. It allows access from any computer anywhere, at any time. Courses are structured for students with no computer or programming experience, up to students who are more advanced. The lesson plans, resources and references are excellent. The feedback and support is prompt—even more improved from last school year. We are delighted with CodeHS and highly recommend CodeHS to anyone teaching Computer Science courses.

November 17, 2017

This is our second year of offering AP Computer Science Principles. Our enrollment has increased from 0 to 103 to 178 in two years. We are especially happy with the increase in young women from approximately 25 to over 70 this year.

CodeHS has allowed us to grow the program without severely decreasing the educational engagement, differentiated pacing and rigor. With so many students, it would have been almost impossible to provide the individualized feedback on the coding experience that the CodeHS auto-grader software provides. There are also several great features like Queue Settings and Fast Grade that allow a teacher to pick selected assignments out for personal examination and quickly move through (even) over one hundred student submissions in an hour.

The course starts at a very easy level and increases in difficulty through the first semester. Students with no prior computer experience quickly find themselves creating websites and programming — almost before they notice it. The Exercises are also interesting to almost all students who have already had Computer Science A, however.

I like the availability of block mode programming that transitions to text-based — without tempting students to remain dependent on block mode. I like the way the course Quizzes require students to listen to the videos (or lose points) and how they prepare them for the AP Exam. There are many Supplemental Modules that allow students extra practice — or challenges if they are faster workers.

The Lesson Plans and Solution References provided to assist the teachers are excellent. The Feedback and Support service is excellent. It’s not exactly online chat, but the response is within a few business hours and they do a great job of solving your specific issues. Coursework is online, so teachers aren’t spending hours at the copier or grading simple input assignments one-by-one manually. The Gradebook is very useful and flexible.

There are Access Controls that allow you to turn off access to major Quizzes or to Modules you don’t want students to work ahead of schedule. You can leave access to the AP Practice Exam open for practice throughout the year. You can leave access to the Performance Task Modules open all year as well — much to the delight of highly motivated students.

High School computer science teacher
November 17, 2017

I teach computer science programming in high school. I have used Codehs for 4 years and couldn’t be more pleased. The content, videos, examples, exercises, and documentation are wonderful! They provide excellent support and helpful tips. The quizzes and test are well written. There are so many useful tools to help you manage your class. I highly recommend Codehs!!

CS Teacher, Pathway Director
November 8, 2017

We rolled out a new offering in our pathway, specifically Web Design. We have been immensely delighted with our choice of curriculum, being CodeHS Web Design course. The curriculum is online, well designed, a self contained IDE for ease, automatic grader with useful feedback for student self-correction and affirmation, gradebook and world class customer support. We could not have anticipated such a positive launch of this course. The degree of differentiation we need to provide the range of students in our pathway is immense, and this course allows us to do that very well.

We are so pleased that we will be utilizing CodeHS for our AP CSA curriculum next year too.