Ms. Doris Upshur

IT Teacher at Milton High School


A super nice member!

I teach: Introduction to Digital Technology, AP Computer Science Principles

To ages: 14 to 17


November 27, 2017

This my second year using CodeHS. The first year I only used CodeHS in my Introduction to Digital Technology classes. This year I’m using it for my “intro” classes and to supplement my AP Computer Science Principles class. The students are engaged and enjoy CodeHS. The software allows students to learn at their individual levels and to pace their learning and rigor as they learn. It allows access from any computer anywhere, at any time. Courses are structured for students with no computer or programming experience, up to students who are more advanced. The lesson plans, resources and references are excellent. The feedback and support is prompt—even more improved from last school year. We are delighted with CodeHS and highly recommend CodeHS to anyone teaching Computer Science courses.