Ms. Victoria Gomez


A super nice member!

I teach ages: 2 to 5


January 27, 2014

Agnitus has been amazing for both my 20 month and 5 year old. We’ve been using it for about a year with my oldest daughter who is still in prek and she is already mastering addition and subtraction. The program progresses at her own pace and introduces new curriculum as she masters different skills. And then it gives my husband and I a weekly report card via email that show what skills she’s struggling. And funny enough, we created a second child profile for our 20 month old and just let her play with it in the car or when we’re making dinner but don’t pay much attention because she’s so young – and recently in her report cards she was showing over 85% accuracy with colors! So I sat with her and sure enough -she can pick the correct color balloons when asked as well – can MASTER the memory “card” type game where you have to match the animals. AND she is just getting teeth so brushing teeth at night is a pain but we now prop up the “Icky Teeth Time” game and we do icky brushing and our child brushing at the same time – and she loves it.

Really well done program on so many levels. I tell everyone I know about it.