Mrs. Susan Kessinger

4th Grade Teacher at St. Martha School


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I teach ages: 6 to 11


July 1, 2012

I just signed up for Remind 101 last week. I cannot wait to use it.I really think it is going to make a difference in my 4th grade classroom. My colleagues and I are encouraged to have tools set in place for those students who lack organizational skills. In addition to writing homework and upcoming events (i.e. free dress day) on the board and making sure they write it in their planner, we are also asked to sign off on each area every day for the students who struggle with organization. It ends up taking a lot of time to do this. This year, I plan to continue teaching the "how to's of organization", but then offer test and project due dates as well as other reminders in a weekly or biweekly text to remind the parents in case Johnny forgets to write it down. (Yes, I also update HW on my website daily, but if parents don't check it, I am still asked if I am doing enough to support the student with learning differences.This seems to solve this problem!)