Mr. Christopher Ming

Administrator at East China School District


I am currently a high school assistant principal and athletic director. I am a former science teacher and coach. I am a school and district leader in technology integration and am very interested in developing and using tech tools in the classroom. I recently overhauled my teaching approach and took on the “flipped classroom” ideal utilizing Educreations. To date, I have the second most views of any teachers on the platform and am part of the beta team designed to improve the app and its use.

I teach: Chemistry, Biology


July 1, 2012

Free for teacher service that allows for anonymous polling of students using either a web server, twitter, or texting (smartphone not required). Teachers can preload multiple choice and open ended questions and personalize designs for the polls and the students enjoy using their phones for good and not just evil.

July 1, 2012

I have designed excel spreadsheets to do more than just collect and analyze data; I have written standard practice worksheets into self-grading, instant feedback worksheets that are also self-scoring. For each unit of study in chemistry i have at least one excel sheet that I use as a practice tool to hammer home the concepts that we have been learning in class.

Send me an email if you would like a sample of how i have put these together. I have an instructional handout on how to set them up as well.

June 30, 2012

Remind101 is a simple and easy way to remind your study's (and parents) of upcoming events in your classroom. I use it to remind students to view recorded lessons, study for tests, and complete assignments. I have also used it with my athletic teams to send out quick texts on cancellations or rescheduled events. Love that I can schedule something for the future and then forget about it and the text will go out when I meant it to.

Great tool in that teachers and students never have to exchange phone numbers as the whole process is run through a third party.

June 30, 2012

Educreations is a great way to send your lessons home with your students. I have used it for both a flipped and a blended classroom approach with very positive student and parent response. The tool is easy to use and the creators and constantly improving the app to include more tools. A perk to the tool is that it allows ESOL students with a home resource and the time necessary to master the material. Highly recommended to all teachers if for nothing else than a controlled source of information for your students at home.