Mrs. Anne Haas

Head of Junior School at King's School Gloucester


A super nice member!

I teach: English, Maths, Ict In Education

To ages: 5 to 11


July 30, 2013

The best app that I have found for storing all my planning, taking minutes of meeting, creating lesson outlines with links that I can use on the whiteboard. It is the only app that I have found so far that the children can use effectively fir taking notes, adding pictures that they have taken or found doing research. I use it for children from age 5 upwards although the younger ones could use it with guidance too.
A real one tool fits all.

A wonderful activity for the Nursery and KS1 classes. The augmented reality brings the flash cards to life. It is the element of surprise that makes it such fun. It’s a great idea. We will use it as part of the weekly letter activities in Nursery and as an activity in Literacy sessions such as alphabetical order.