Mr. Darren Smith

eLearning Coordinator / Level 3 Classroom Teacher at Atwell College - Department of Education - Western Australia


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I teach: ICT and Media

To ages: 12 to 17


March 30, 2016

My Year Nines absolutely LOVE this; their competitive streak comes right out! Disengaged students smash the desk in frustration when they get things wrong and hoot and holler when they succeed.
As always, use wisely and rotate with other activities to keep it fresh and appealing.
Great tool!

March 24, 2016

Haven’t tried this out with my students, but I love it!!

I am especially impressed with the ‘draw your answer’, where you can set backgrounds and students can upload a picture.

You can even modify it to step ‘at risk’ and/or ‘disengaged’ students through the design process. Awesome tool.