Carrie Blaire



A super nice member!

I teach: Math, English, History

To ages: 6 to 11


January 28, 2014

I looked at both Weebly and Wix for making a web page for my family and kids. I found Weebly much easier to use. Also, Wix doesn’t seem to offer private web pages, even if you pay.

January 28, 2014

I compared Weebly and Wix to set up a basic web page for my family. What I really wanted was a private web page, but you have to pay for that.

Still, I found Weebly much easier to use than Wix. I like the “drag and dropiness” of it. I was able to include my lesson plans for my kids too. Now that my web page is book marked, my kids are able to view them whenever they need to.

September 30, 2013

I am already a fan of Grammar Girl’s columns, so when I found out that she has an app, I immediately purchased it for my children. My Little Ones had no time getting the hang out it. Other grammar apps may be more well-polished and nicer-looking, but this app does the job well.