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October 6, 2014

A lot of teachers at my school have recently started using edmodo in their classrooms, and my government teacher is one of them. I’m new to edmodo because this is the first class I’ve had where a teacher uses this tool, and so far I’ve really enjoyed it.
Edmodo is basically an online classroom where the teachers and students can interact. My teacher posts the class agenda for the whole week, along with all of our assignments and worksheets. This makes things very easy for me, because if I forget something at school or miss a day, I can print a copy of my worksheet at home. This pretty much eliminates the need for a planner, which is nice because thats one less thing I have to carry around with me all day.
Edmodo has been referred to as “educational social media” by a lot of people, and I can definitely see where that comes from. The home page is set up in a very similar way to Facebook. The teacher makes a post every day with the agenda, and you can comment on that post, say if you like it or not, and share it with others. If you are looking for something specific, there is a search bar at the top and you can filter it by posts, groups, users, etc.
Under the tab for your class, there is a “folders” tab that you can click on and it brings up a bunch of folders for each unit in the class, and you can easily find what you need. I really like this because it is very organized and I can check to make sure I’ve done all of my assignments for each specific unit. My teacher also posts links for online quizzes we can take and other reviews for tests. This makes it really simple to prepare for tests and it helps me make sure I’m on the right track during my studying.
At the top of the page there is a “progress” tab and it shows you a graph of your progress in the class and the teacher can enter in your grades here and show each individual student how they are doing overall. There is also a tab called “backpack”, and this is basically the same thing as google drive. If you are working on an assignment in class and you don’t finish and need to take it home, you put upload it into the backpack and then you will be able to access that file on any computer by logging into edmodo. I really like this idea, because it saves so much time, versus putting it onto a flash drive or emailing it to yourself.
How does Edmodo compare to other online classroom websites such as moodle? In my opinion, Edmodo is set up in a more organized way, and has a lot more features than some of the other online classrooms I have seen.
For teachers wondering if they should try using this in their classroom, I would strongly recommend it. If you are at all concerned with your students’ convenience, then this is something you need. Students will appreciate the efficiency of the way this website works, and I’m sure teachers will a well.