Install WhatWasThere and your iPhone or iPod Touch becomes a portable portal into the past!

After launch, the app will detect where you are and show you any historic photographs that were captured nearby plotted on a map!

Switch into Camera view for an augmented reality experience of the history that surrounds you!

If you’re at a location where a historic photo was taken, enlarge the photo to full screen mode to use your camera and the on screen fader to transition between past and present!

Launch the Info screen for more detail, including source information should you want to investigate further!

No photos nearby? Visit us at WhatWasThere.com to contribute to the experience!

This is our first release with many enhancements coming soon. Please contact us with any issues and suggestions at [email protected] – we want to hear from you!

WhatWasThere – Put history in its place!


Plan Price Details
WhatWasThere Free Compatible with iOS devices.