Tweechme is an app that was created by Susan Bearden at Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy to teach educators how to leverage twitter to create and enhance their PLN. This is the first ever MAD-teacher app (an app created by a teacher in the MAD-learn program).

What is MAD-Learn? “MAD” is short for “Mobile Application Development”, and MAD-Learn is a new educational program from the Education Mobile Technology thought-leaders at Crescerance.


Plan Price Details
TweechMe $0.99 Compatible with Android and iOS devices.


July 29, 2014

I’m using this to learn more detailed ways of using Twitter with my students and in my classroom. I am using it more as something to teach me – and it’s working well. I’m finding the short videoclips to be very clear, concise and useful. The additional exemplars and links help me look into more details of what I want to know.

I would strongly recommend this for other teachers – especially if they are independent learners who are willing to work on their own.

July 17, 2014

TweechMe is AWESOME! I recently became involved in the world of Twitter, and by involved, I mean nearly drowning! I heard about TweechMe, and immediately bought it and am so glad I did.

This app is SO useful for learning how to navigate the world of Twitter. There are different levels of learning: Twitter 101, Twitter 201 and Twitter 301. They all have short and amusing videos to help you learn the ins and outs of Twitter-land. And each level has tips and tools available as well.

TweechMe has two other amazing features. One is a chat schedule. There is a lot of great information to be found on Twitter and even more amazing connections to be made, and the chat schedule helps do that by letting you know when your favorite chats are being held.

The second awesome feature is Twitter Mentors. You can sign up to be mentored in the use of Twitter as you develop your PLN. Invaluable.

Would I recommend TweechMe to a colleague? You betcha!