Tracks ‘n’ Trains: Zoo Train


Create the ultimate train track! Design your track, decorate the environment, choose your train and then watch it toot around your world!

This virtual train set is more than a typical toy train. Train builders get a set of complete track pieces to build out whatever paths, twists and turns they can imagine. Then you decide where to put trees, rivers, rocks, cows, camels, flowers and more – and watch the scene come to life, complete with an occasional plane or helicopter flying by. You even get three different terrains to choose from: a dry desert, beautiful grass field, or a snowy landscape.

Once your track is created, choose your favorite animal-filled zoo train and then watch it go! You control the speed, as well as the direction. Just tap the track switches to make it go where you want it to. You can always edit, change and save your track anytime you want.

Tracks ‘N’ Trains is the perfect mix of creative tools and easy-to-use controls so that even the youngest train fanatic can have fun creating his or her own world of trains!


We are proud of our stance on privacy and treat your child’s privacy very seriously. This app does not collect, access or transmit any personal information, does not contain any ads, does not contain any in-app purchases, does not contain any social media integration. It DOES contain links out to our website and other apps, but does so only from a gated parent area; this feature is not integrated within the game play.


If you’d like to see other features, train cars, more terrains or options, please get in touch!

Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @busybeestudios


Plan Price Details
Tracks 'n' Trains: Zoo Train $2.99 Compatible with iOS devices.


October 29, 2014

Kids can build the ultimate train set in this digital toy train. The intuitive interface lets kids drop objects (like rivers, trees, animals and flowers) to create their world, then drop track pieces to create whatever kind of train track they want. All aboard? Choose the train and then ride the rails in your own world, complete with authentic train sounds, animations and beautiful graphics!