The Brainstormer


The Classic Brainstormer is a bit of kindling for creative minds. A tactile tool to randomly combine a plot, a subject and a setting or style, the Brainstormer can provide that elusive moment of inspiration for writers, painters, or any kind of creative endeavor. It’s a great way to combat creative block, to spark new ideas for a new project or to summon up quick subjects for doodling, sketching or journaling.

The Brainstormer has three spinning wheels featuring plot/conflict, theme/setting and subject/location. By manipulating the wheels — or do a random spin and let fate take over — you generate combinations that make fantastic creative prompts for writing, sketching or any creative activity. And you have the freedom to edit the wheels to fit your process: from simply tweaking the built in lists to creating entirely new scenarios from scratch.

NEW WHEELS! The Character Builder wheel creates combinations of archetypes attributes and backgrounds, and the World Builder combines theme, mood and place to create one-of-a-kind settings. More wheels are on the way, and you can customize copies of the built in wheels, or create your own from scratch.


  • Time-tested and artist-proven, featuring the carefully curated ‘Classic Brainstormer’ lists.
  • Circular ‘Wheel Mode’ and linear ‘Slot Machine’ mode provides two views into the nearly endless combinations.
  • Shake your phone or roll the dice for “Random Spin”.
  • Lock any of the wheels to fine tune your spins.
  • Fully editable: Tweak the ‘Classic Brainstormer’ or create your own wheels entirely.
  • Character Builder and World Builder wheel. NEW!
  • Found the perfect combination? Send it via email or share it on Twitter and Facebook.


Plan Price Details
The Brainstormer $1.99 This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad.
Character Creator $0.99 In-app purchase for add-on feature.
World Builder $0.99 In-app purchase for add-on feature.


January 31, 2013

A cool iOS app for brainstorming by spinning a wheel, great for writing prompts!!