Sway by Microsoft is an intelligent app that helps you express your ideas on an interactive, web-based canvas. It’s integrated with the web, social networks and your devices, making it easy to drag and drop your content from a variety of sources right onto your canvas. The built-in design engine integrates that content into a cohesive layout without any hassles. From there, you can easily modify the design to create a look and feel unique to you. The results will look great on any screen and can be sent to coworkers or friends as effortlessly as sharing a link.


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Sway Free Free for use.


ESL Instructor
April 18, 2015

I tried Sway in my classes to create collaborative presentations Because many of my students use iPads and Google Slides just isn’t easy to use on an iPad. Sway worked beautifully, and the students found it very easy to use. The only hiccup came when a few of my students were unable to create Microsoft accounts. They ran out of times to try and had to wait until the next day to make accounts. Once they had accounts it worked very smoothly. I think this is a great tool for BYOD classrooms since it works well with everything. The only caveat I have is that while it is free now, knowing the Microsoft trend, I’m afraid it will eventually be fee-based. We will have to see when the Beta ends.