Challenge every student!

Spiral is a suite of free educational apps for teachers that make 1:1 classrooms more collaborative.

Each app is designed to mirror a specific classroom practice and can be used across all subjects and age ranges. Easy to learn and simple to use, Spiral makes lessons engaging, collaborative and fun.

Quickfire enhances question and answer activities, enabling you to get the responses of the entire class in real-time. It requires no planning – just ask your question as normal and students can respond using their personal devices. Show anonymised answers on the whiteboard in different formats to really bring the class’ learning to life.

Discuss is a powerful tool for creativity, exploration and deeper learning, Discuss encourages students to share ideas with each other. The content created forms a useful shared knowledge base which can be accessed in the future for homework and exam revision.

Team Up improves the process and outcomes of group work. Students work in teams during one or more lessons – contributing ideas and building shared presentations in the form of slide shows or posters. Teams can work from individual or shared devices to create high quality outcomes that everyone can learn from.

Co-designed with the world’s #1 educational institution

We are working in partnership with UCL’s Institute of Education to ensure pedagogy is at the heart of our development process. The team at the IOE support our design workshops with teachers and students across the UK. Their research and literature review help us create apps that enhance collaboration, facilitate formative assessment and embed technology seamlessly into classroom practice.


Plan Price Details
Spiral Teacher Free Formative assessment and collaborative learning apps for up to five classrooms.
Spiral Pro Teacher $39/year per teacher Unlimited classrooms and student accounts for home access.
Spiral Pro School Contact for details Full integration with your school's LMS or MIS. Flexible discounts available.


June 26, 2014

Spiral is an social learning platform created to help engage students through the use of mobile devices. It’s interactive lessons and real-time data collection build a positive and engaging experience ensuring a more efficient lesson delivery.

The app creates a unique three-way communication in class by allowing students to use their devices to contribute to activities in class while the teacher monitors their individual responses from their own device. The whiteboard shares input anonymously, promoting engagement from the whole class. This allows all students to actively participate in class.

Real-time data collection allows the teacher to adapt lessons on the go, and the data can be recorded to be reviewed later. All lessons and class data can be stored on Spiral and can be accessed from anywhere.

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