Build your online presence by publishing great content:

  • Discover content instantly on the keywords of your choice.
  • Curate, add your perspective and publish to your own topic page.
  • Share to your social channels.
  • Embed in your website.


Plan Price Details
Free Free 1 topic page (personalized content hub). 1 keyword group per topic page (for content suggestions). 2 social accounts. 10 scoops per day. Basic content filtering/suggestion.
Pro Annual $132/year 5 topic pages (personalized content hubs). 5 keyword groups per topic page (for content suggestions). 5 social accounts. Unlimited scoops per day. Basic content filtering/suggestion.
Business Annual $804/year 15 topic pages (personalized content hubs). 15 keyword groups per topic page (for content suggestions). Unlimited social accounts. Unlimited scoops per day. Advanced content filtering/suggestion.


educational designer
June 26, 2015

I love ‘Scoop it’ because it offer great customization in terms of appearance, utility ant layout. I can have free reign to include any image I want. It is possible to edit everything related to curated item (image, description etc) and have the necessary link back to the original source built in by default.It saves a lots of time and efforts.

It can be easily link to our university’s internal Moodle system, LEO as well as social media such as Twitter and Facebook. There are number of ways how content can be pushed to you so sometimes I don’t need to waist time searching for good material onto my topic page.

In addition education allows you to create large network of specialists who can curate together.

It is easy to try out tool for free. Test it and get a good idea of what the application does, and then add on features from there.

July 15, 2013

This is a great tool for collecting, organising, sharing and getting suggestions on topics of your choice. A museum of modern ideas!

March 29, 2013

Sites using this tool freeze my computer screen for over a minute whilst it is loading. I do not return to these sites.

ESL Instructor
May 25, 2012 is a social curation which helps you create a webpage around your favorite topic, share it and receive suggestions to “curate” it.

This video shows how it works:

April 20, 2012 is a great tool to curate and share content in a visually appealing way.