Sclipo is a platform of Online Campuses. An Online Campus provides e-Learning, social network and promotional applications to help learn, teach and collaborate as well as to promote educational services and to attract new students. It is very easy to use, and it just takes a minute to set up and requires no hosting or programming.

The Sclipo Online Campus is built for teachers and organizations in continuing education. Online Campuses are used by individual teachers, schools and companies as well as by non-professionals who enjoy helping others to learn. Educational services such as courses or live sessions, as well as content can be private or open, free or paid.

With over nine thousand Online Campuses from over 200 countries, Sclipo is the world's largest campus platform. Being part of our platform allows teachers and students to connect and share like never before possible.

The Online Campus is a Learning Management System (LMS), also known as a Virtual Campus or Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) or Course Management System (CMS), providing web applications to teach, collaborate and administer activities, students and teachers, as well as to promote educational services. The Sclipo Online Campus is fully hosted, and requires no hosting, programming or IT knowledge.

A Sclipo Online Campus is especially well suited for freelance teachers and continuing education organizations. Over nine thousand teachers and organizations from over 200 countries have already a Sclipo Online Campus.


Plan Price Details
Academic Free Free for school (K-12) or university teachers to teach their students.
School Lite $39/mo 3 teachers per web academy, 30 live sessions per month, 30 live participants per session, 5 GB storage, No Sclipo Logo on Campus.
School Plus $129/mo 15 teachers per web academy, Unlimited live sessions per month, 100 live participants per session, 20 GB storage, No Sclipo Logo on Campus, Embed Campus into your website.
Professional Lite $14/month 1 teacher per Online Campus, 10 live sessions per month, 10 live participants per session, 1 GB storage.
Professional Standard $19/mo 1 teacher per Online Campus, 20 live sessions per month, 20 live participants per session, 3 GB storage, No Sclipo Logo on Campus.