Sakai is a community that exists to enhance teaching, learning, and research.

The global community comes together to define needs of academic users, create software tools, share best practices and pool knowledge and resources in support of this goal.

Each day community members share thousands of interactions – building and improving the software, requesting help, collaborating on projects, and enjoying the relationships that result from this work.

While we acknowledge that it is sometimes difficult to find the right engagement point to enter the community, please reach out. Each new participant brings knowledge and perspective that benefit us all.

Sakai is a suite of software developed by the community.

Historically, the community has aligned around a single project, the Sakai Collaboration and Learning Environment (CLE). This project has also drawn in the Open Source Portfolio (OSP), including it in the Sakai CLE.

Today, while continuing to enhance and improve the Sakai CLE, the community is also developing a new product, the Sakai Open Academic Environment (OAE) that reimagines the approach to scholarly collaboration.

There are many different ways to engage with these product teams to learn more and to contribute to the current work.

Sakai is supported by a Foundation that facilitates the success of the community and the software.

The Sakai Foundation does not dictate the direction of community. It plays a supportive role in creating the collaboration infrastructure, leading the release management process, and facilitating communication and coordination across the community.

Please consider becoming a Sakai member. Each Sakai community member and Sakai software user is dependent on the effective collaboration, communication and release management that the Foundation exists to provide.


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Sakai Free Open source software, free to use.


LMS Administrator
August 1, 2018

As open source, there is no one support page per se, but contacts depending on what your question is. A list of community groups is at!search/Sakai

Join temporarily, lurk, ask questions, depending upon how you want to engage with the Sakai community. Everyone is welcome.