ProProfs LMS


ProProfs is a powerful learning management system that helps instructors to create and deliver online training courses. The LMS offers both businesses and educational institutions comprehensive training solutions by allowing them to create online courses, complemented by tests, surveys, polls and even a knowledgebase.

Used by over 4 million learners, ProProfs LMS offers powerful features such as:

* Facility to create courses using existing learning materials which include videos, PDFs, PPTs and even online content
* Advanced reporting & learner tracking with SCORM & Tin Can API compliance
* Compatibility with multiple, platforms, devices and browsers
* Custom branding & security, with full data-backup
* Simple and flexible pricing which suits everyone’s needs
* Free E-commerce integration: for buying and selling courses & quizzes


Pricing plans have not been added yet.


March 9, 2017

Sharing online training courses using ProProfs LMS works for us

As a non-profit medical set up, ProProfs LMS has evolved into the primary vehicle for training worldwide. It works in our favor. It is easy to understand and manage. We don’t need to learn or acquire technical knowledge/skills to create our training programs. We are able to embed our own media in these online training courses and also share active links for more in-depth information for the learners.

ProProfs LMS has allowed us to expand the availability of our training globally. The elimination of travel for both our instructors and for learners help save a lot of money.