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Present.me - your slides and you. The next step in social & business communication.


1 user, 20 Mb upload limit, 10 recordings per month. Record & share presentations.
1 user, 1024 Mb upload limit, 30 recordings per month. Privacy & high quality video uploads.
From $85/month
Up to 50 users, 1024 Mb upload limit, 20 recordings per month per user. Powerful knowledge sharing & collaboration.
From $15k/year
Up to 3000 users, 1024 Mb upload limit, unlimited recordings per month. Scalable content management with full security and admin controls.
Contact for pricing
Over 3000 users, 1024 Mb upload limit, unlimited recordings per month. Solutions for larger organisations with non-standard requirements.


Abigail Lindmark

Friday, October 03, 2014

Present.Me has both pros and cons. The pros are how easy it is to use and how helpful it would be for people who may be shy about presenting in front of people. With present.me, people are given an easier way to present things whether the presentation is for a group of people miles away or for fellow students, it is a way to make your presentation look more professional. The cons would be that the options of use are limited when you have the free student account and it makes it less likely for people to use it since they’d have to pay to use the rest of the tools Present.me has.
M Holland

Friday, October 03, 2014

Present.me is a way for people to add presentations and make videos from it. It is easy to set-up but you have to log on with Facebook or a g-mail account, unless you want to pay for it. One negative is the free version you can only add three presentations a month. I personally think that present.me is a complete waste of time. When I tried to make a presentation it didn't even work.

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

I have been experimenting with the flipped classroom (see below for more info). Present.Me is a wonderful website that allows users to flip their classroom but still keep the personal touch of the teacher. With Present.me you first upload your powerpoint, PDF, Excel, Google Doc., or Word document, then you record your presentation with a webcam with either the video or just the audio. Another awesome feature that seems really useful is the ability to edit. If you make a...

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edtech digest

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Present.me is your slides, and a video of you presenting them, side by side, on the screen at the same time. On demand, it’s available to view whenever it suits the viewer. Think YouTube meets Slideshare. It’s cloud-based; no need to install anything, it all happens in your browser. Upload your content, record yourself presenting into your webcam, clicking through your slides as you go. Rather than just uploading slides or video, either of which would only be half the...

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