PowerMyLearning Connect


PowerMyLearning® Connect™ is a free web platform to personalize instruction and inspire student-driven learning. Designed for K-12 students, educators, and parents, it offers a flexible way to implement blended learning in the classroom and beyond.

Educators can meet student needs by designing and assigning playlists of digital content. Choose from thousands of games, videos, tools, and simulations from across the web that have been carefully curated by PowerMyLearning’s team of educators and tagged by subject, grade, Common Core standard, and other criteria. Mix in your own self-created content or online tools that are part of an existing curriculum. Combine this content with formative assessment questions to build more rigorous playlists. The result: engaging educational playlists tailored to each student’s needs.

Educators, parents, and students can sign up for a PowerMyLearning Connect account for free. With a free account, educators can:

  • Personalize instruction. Sequence digital content into playlists and assign them to meet student needs.
  • Find thousands of activities tagged by subject, grade, and Common Core standard. Browse across domains/strands, clusters, and standards to select activities that help develop mastery.
  • Drive deeper learning. Include formative assessments in playlists to gauge understanding and challenge students at all levels.
  • Motivate students. Keep kids engaged year-round with features like Class Leaderboards and Wizmo World.
  • Support home learning. Help parents find activities to support their children’s progress.
  • Implement blending learning. Create dynamic learning experiences to propel achievement.


Plan Price Details
PowerMyLearning Connect Free PowerMyLearning is completely free for educators, parents, and students. There is no cost to use any of the resources on the platform.


Former 6-8 Math Coach
July 11, 2014

[Full disclosure – I used to work on this web site.] Strong collection of FREE Common Core games and activities. Teachers can easily make “playlists” of games and share to their class. Students in a class can compete in a friendly competition for “play points.” I have seen this used well in a stations rotation model, for homework, and also used for whole class instruction on a projector or smart board.