PaleoEarth is an educational App that lets users explore Earth in deep geological time. It is the only App on the Appstore that shows the birth and burial place of tectonic plates through time.

It shows how continents have moved about on the Earth’s surface over the last 400 million years, carrying the scars of asteroid impacts on them. Users can select and track countries, some of which break apart into multiple chunks back in geological time.

PaleoEarth also shows how the Earth’s temperature and atmospheric CO2 concentration has varied through time, which helps users gain a deeper appreciation of the fact that our planet is in a constant state of flux.


Plan Price Details
PaleoEarth Lite Free Free mobile app.
PaleoEarth $1.99 Paid mobile app.


Scientific Computing Specialist
April 6, 2018

A range of engaging student activities can be created based around the core functionalities of this app, such as:

* See movement of tectonic plates through time to gain a better appreciation for how small human history is compared to the geological timeline

* See how the distribution of land masses vary through time, including how large tectonic plates assemble and disassemble themselves through geological time

* Track individual countries and hypothesize their climatic conditions through geological time, based on their latitude

* Track the evolution of Earth’s atmospheric CO2 concentration and surface temperature over geological time and identify periods of unusually warm phases

* Track asteroid impact sites to their corresponding locations at the time of impact, back in geological time

Based on the pointers above, numerous other fun activities can be developed by creative teachers.