Omoguru Reader – Assistive Tool for Students with Dyslexia


Omoguru mobile app makes it easier for dyslexics to read. It also improves their reading skills in an enjoyable way. App provides the ability to select a book from the preloaded library or add an e-book (ePub, PDF, DocX, Mobi, Txt).

Each dyslexic has unique reading needs. The key benefit the app provides is the ability to adjust the text and apply it to the whole e-book. On Customize Reading screen reader can apply:

– Font A to E type – Each type has longer extenders and descenders (A to E) that help to decode the words
– Syllables marking (different colors) to improve reading rhythm
– Weight of the font
– Font size
– Spacing between the lines
– Spacing between the letters
– The background color (Canvas)
– Marking mirror letters to avoid mental rotation

It usually takes under a minute to make these adjustments.

The text recognition feature enables taking a photo of the print and convert it to digital text. Also, there are two reading styles each with a tool that helps with focus and following lines.

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Dyslexic Readers Growth Facilitator
December 2, 2019

Any dyslexic reads easier with Omoguru. The most support is provided for middle and upper schoolers and higher education. The use cases we’re observed at Mary McDowell Friends School for students with learning disabilities. Few students tested the app, read the text well and said they like it. An interesting fact is that each of the students made different text setup and preferred different feature, though each loved syllable and line height features.

Omoguru is created with feedback from over 7200 dyslexic readers, scientific research on font readability and dyslexia expertize.

The feedback from other users is similar. Children read with a smile and without frustration. They can read books with confidence.