My Weather Book Pro Letter Tracing and Colouring Book


Help your child learn how to write with MY WEATHER BOOK app. Designed by Montessori professionals this letter formation, writing practice app will support your child throughout the complex process of learning to write.

It’s probably the most fun way of promoting the players understanding of letter formation and practice letter formation while introducing weather themed vocabulary words – it does pack a lot in!

• Amazing turning page effect producing a “real” colouring-writing practice book.
• Full line letter tracing for real beginners – 2-3 year olds
• Dotted line letter tracing for intermediate players – 3-4 year olds
• “Free” writing for advanced practice where no tracing lines are shown – 5+ year olds.
• 11 weather themed captions containing one practice work for tracing or free hand writing.
• Practice word audio to allow players to hear the practice word.
• 25 weather themed black outlined illustrations for colouring practice.
• Two colouring modes including paint fill and free hand painting.
• 27 colours to use in colouring mode.

How does it work?
Players, you get to choose eight pages from a library of 25 illustrations to be included in your book.
With a single tap you “make my book” and hey presto! an amazing colouring book with your selection of pictures appears as if by magic – the colouring book works just like a real book too – page flipping and all!

You get to colour in the picture and then to practice writing the “practice” work with the help of the magic hand! Yep, an actual magic hand shows you how to form the letter just like you do in school.
Letter tracing can be set to a full line for real beginners or a dotted line for when you get better at tracing the letters – just like you do at home or in school. Then, when your handwriting gets really good and you don’t need the letters, you can turn off the tracing mode and practice free-hand writing.

And get this! When you tap on the practice word a really nice lady called Olivia says the word for you!

But here’s the really best bit – when you finish colouring or writing on a page you see all your hard work in the actual page flipping book – it look’s incredible! And makes you want to do it more and more till the whole book is finished.

And then of course you’ll want to create another book, so you do!

And now for the science part:
Learning the correct movements that comprise letter shape is significantly easier than trying to break bad habits that can creep in during this pivotal period of learning to write. All English alphabet letters are composed of straight lines and circle shapes, all letter shapes are formed from the top down, rather than from the bottom up.

Here’s a tip when using the My Weather Book App: when you tap the letters to make the magic had appear, “talk through” the movements as the hand traces the letter. For example, when b is being traced you say: “Here comes b: top down, then up and around, with a big belly towards the door/window ”. (In app auditory input is scheduled inclusion in the next update of My Weather Book so stay in touch on Twitter (@theapptree_ie) and on our Facebook page (facebook/TheAppTreeLTD).

Hidden Feature:
Select a page with the caption you wish to practice e.g. a big rainbow.
Select the very fattest paint brush size and select the white paint colour.
Now wipe out the whole drawing so you are left with a blank page.
Now draw your own picture! It’s brilliant!

Playing together:
Choose a picture each so that the pictures create a double page spread in the book.
Take turns choosing the colours for your pictures.
Then take turns tracing one letter at a time on the writing practice
Say the letter sound of the letter you are tracing as you trace the letter.
Take a photo of your finished double page spread and post it on our facebook page (facebook/TheAppTreeLTD)

Your feedback is incredibly important to us – please do review this app. Thanks ;)


Plan Price Details
My Weather Book Pro Letter Tracing and Colouring Book $4.99 Compatible with iOS devices.