Money Math


Money Math: Counting Coins is a fantastically fun way to help your child learn how to work with coins. It also is a great tool for working on their addition, subtraction and story problem skills.

While helping General George defeat the crazy Benny Arnold, your child learns how to add and subtract coins. There are 9 different ways or games to work with coins including:

  • Practice screen where you drop coins into a piggy bank and get info about the coin dropped
  • Adding a pile of coins
  • Paying with correct change
  • Is a pile of coins more or less than a number given
  • Do you have enough money to purchase an item
  • Find the matching pile of coins out of the 3 given
  • Purchase an item with the least amount of coins
  • Figure out how much more money you need to purchase an item
  • Making change

There is also information about coins (several of the new designed coins which can be confusing to young ones), facts about each US state including the quarter design, flag, state bird, flower and so much more.

One of the great things about the game is that it has 3 different levels of play. Your child can work between 1 cent to 99 cents, a dollar to 2 dollars or 2 dollars to 5 dollars. You can track how up to 4 children/students are doing with some cool statistics. You also do not have to complete all 9 different games to win. You can play all 9 or just 1 and win just the same.

The app follows several of the math Common Core State Standards and especially 2.MD.C.8.

Note to Parents: We take you and your child’s privacy very seriously and want to let you know up front what our apps include and don’t include.

Privacy Disclosure

  • Does not include analytics.
  • Does not include ads.
  • Does not include in-app purchases.
  • Does not include social network features.
  • Does not include any tracking.
  • Does not include links.
  • Includes a way to email us through a button you need to hold for 3 seconds. We have this for feedback or questions about app. (Note: We do not share these emails with anyone. They are only stored on our server to keep track of the type of questions we are getting.)

If you have any questions, please visit our site at and checkout our privacy policy at or submit an email to us.


Plan Price Details
Money Math: Counting Coins $2.99 This app is designed for iPad.