Lexie is an app for enjoyable reading and learning. Lexie is the place for all your texts to be read in the most easiest way – or Lexie will read them for you. It makes it even easier for kids with dyslexia and reading difficulties. It helps parents, teachers and speech therapists. Access it through web browsers on computers, tablets and phones.


With Lexie you can read eBooks and different digital formats, even printed texts. Use a text editor and online libraries, or create your own. Basically, Lexie is everything you will ever need for fun and to enjoy a world of books and stories, school and learning, to practice reading, preparing reading and learning materials. And sharing your own texts with others.

With Lexie you can do – everything!

– Read school readings or any other type of text – eBooks, PDFs, Word documents, photos from printed books and textbooks or articles from the web…there is almost no limit to what you can do!
– Read with adjusted text appearance or Lexie can read for you with Text to Speech feature
– Create your own, edit, arrange and combine different texts and materials just as you need them
– You can print them like that, if you prefer reading from paper
– Create your personal digital library, available to you wherever you are
– Practice and strengthen you reading muscle with our advanced reading tools for easier reading, improving reading speed, accuracy, fluency and comprehension and keeping reading rhythm

It is amazing for book lovers and students. Lexie is an ally to parents, speech therapists, tutors, teachers and librarians. It makes it even easier for kids with dyslexia and reading difficulties.

With Lexie you will find the most enjoyable reading experience, completely adjusted just for you.


Plan Price Details
Free Trial Free Free 30-day trial.
Monthly €9 Subscription
Annually €89 Subscription


Product Growth Manager
June 9, 2022

Lexie’s reading environment is designed to support homeschooling, independent reading practice, and classroom needs. The tools available in the app are based on dyslexia research, techniques and processes that make reading easier.

It’s versatility is what makes it special. Wide range of capabilities enable everyone to enjoy reading and learn easier just as they want it.

Ability to use wide range of text formats and have full control over your experience is what makes it a powerful ally. In addition to that Lexie toolbox is packed with cool features that give it the edge compared to similar solutions.