LessonPlans.com has been online since 1997. We launched this beta version of the site based on feedback from our site visitors. K-12 Teachers, school librarians, homeschoolers, and pre-service educators can now take advantage of the wide array of lesson planning tools. The site provides a searchable directory of lesson plans, as well as the ability to browse by subject, by month and by grade level. In addition, teachers can participate in the development of the site by contributing their unique lesson plans.

LessonPlans.com was originally founded by Stephen Lyons in 1997. Stephen created and maintained the website with the ultimate goal of providing resources that all educators would find useful, with a particular focus on helping teachers in the process of developing exemplary lesson plans. After years of collaboration with The Educators Network, Stephen handed the reigns over in 2009. He remains an active online contributor through his blogs and tweets.

An ambitious project to redevelop LessonPlans.com began in June of 2009, with an official Beta launch taking place in November. The goal continues to be one of providing Tools and Resources to aide teachers in delivering curriculum that is timely, relevant and useful to their students. Through online collaboration, individual teachers can now share their lesson plans with educators in all corners of the globe.


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Middle school Language Arts Teacher
August 30, 2012

I have gone to this web site a few times looking for that perfect resource, but it usually left me disappointed and still searching. I find the organization of the web site to be a bit frustrating, distracting, and overwhelming all at the same time. In general, the URL leads one to believe that you are about to stumble upon lesson plans, printables, and other activities that are in final form and ready to be used, but instead it is more of a "how to" approach. There are tips that educators can use to create their own materials, but the ease of use just is not there.

My frustration with this web site has made it one that I will not choose to click on in a search results page, except as a last resort!

August 30, 2012

I have browsed this site looking for ideas and materials. Although I found a few helpful ideas (Example: a mystery state game for geography review), it seems to be low on quality examples. I wouldn't really call it a "lesson-plan" site; it is more like a teaching tips site.

There are definitely some good materials on this site, but you have to work hard to find them. The site is not very user-friendly. It is busy, it has very small print, and the categories are odd. For example, the Language Arts category cannot be narrowed to writing, grammar, spelling, literature, etc. You have to scroll through the whole list.

I will continue to visit this site, but it will not be at the top of my list.