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LearningJar is no longer in service.

LearningJar is here to help you get there. Understand skills needed for the role, learn informally then prove your mastery.

1. Learn New Skills

Learn from skills others have shared and publish your own path to a skill.

2. Prove Yourself

Complete challenges to prove your skills.

3. Share it with the World

Share your portfolio with friends, colleague's and potential employers.


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Hack Education

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

I've already asked this week, "who will benefit from badges?" I don't want to rehash that. But I do think we need to think about the promises of "unbundling education," and notice what we're repackaging elsewhere -- courses, content, access, power. A Closer Look At LearningJar. That’s a pretty critical opening salvo, I realize, to introduce a startup I’ve been following for a year now, a startup that wants to help address this gap between the learning we...

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