Late Nite Labs


A library of fully interactive science labs which are:

Always available

We're fully online, so all you need is a computer and the Internet. Whether studying from home, a coffee shop, or the library, students can conduct experiments anytime, anywhere, and professors can manage courses at their convenience.


Our labs are interactive, so students are free to explore all the different directions an experiment can take. If a student adds pure sodium to water by accident, she won't get an error message. The flask will explode, as it would in real life.


With digital tools, students can make mistakes without worrying about wasting resources or breaking equipment. They'll always have a fresh set if they need to start over, and can even relaunch labs for extra practice.


Plan Price Details
High school pricing $34.95/student per year For high school students.
Higher education pricing $49.95/student per semester For university students.