Kidtopia is a site created by school librarians for elementary school students and their teachers. Kidtopia is a directory and search engine including only websites recommended by teachers, librarians, and library and educational consortia. Kidtopia is a Google custom search engine of selected sites, so you get much less commercial `junk` in your search results, while still enjoying Google`s cool search features. Please feel free to comment on Kidtopia and/or recommend websites for inclusion by directing your e-mails to: [email protected]


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November 19, 2015

I give this site a 5. A pro of this site would be that it can be used with all the subjects. A con may be that the students will get limited results. However this is a good thing because the results will be teacher-approved. I could use this in the classroom by: assigning a mini research project, asking the students to explore a topic before we start the topic, and letting them find educational games of their interest that are approved.