Kids Safe Search Engine

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Let’s face it, kids are curious. They love to learn and find information on the internet. Whether it’s online books, games, homework help etc. – Anything that can be found, will be found by our kids. This is great but, while they are searching, It is very possible for typos to happen and cause unwanted adult websites appearing in our kids’ search results.

We at Kids Search™ believe that our children should be able to surf the internet safely. All search queries made through Kids Search will first check against our Database to screen out any potential search that could result in adult websites, using keyword blocking software. We also have a database full of websites that are not kid-friendly which we have placed a manual block on. These inappropriate websites have accumulated over many years because of feedback from our visitors. If our filter misses anything, Google’s Strict Safe Search™ Technology will additionally help to block adult Websites and Images from Kids Search results.

Our web filters do a great job of blocking most adult websites and content but we cannot guarantee 100% safety as websites are sold, deregistered and completely changed all the time. If any inappropriate websites do get past our filters, please contact us so we can place a manual block on them.

While Kids Search is ideal, it is not a substitute for supervising young kids and teaching older children the skills they require for online safety.


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August 23, 2021

This safe search engine tool is fantastic for younger kids. Why? It will help to block unwanted adult material from appearing in kid’s search results. What I like most is it also blocks sites social media sites like facebook and twitter which can be a source of highly controversial information.

This tool is completely free and easy to use. Just search and hit enter . Many schools and libraries use this free safe kids search engine as it complements existing online safety software.