“A brilliantly simple game of precision hearing… This ingenious game puts your skill of pitch discernment to the test.” – Voice Council Magazine

“Anyone with an interest in sound will enjoy this.” –

InTune has been a top-10 music app in more than 50 countries, including the USA (#9), Canada (#4), the UK (#5), Italy (#10), Portugal (#2), Sweden (#4), Finland (#3), Czech Republic (#1), Poland (#1), China (#1), Hong Kong (#1), Indonesia (#1), and Australia (#4).

You love music – but how good is your ear? Download the only app that tests and improves your ability to hear what’s in tune.

  • Test your ability to hear very close pitches
  • Improve your ability to sing and play in tune
  • Compete with your friends via Game Center
  • Share your score and challenge your friends
  • Try real clarinet, bassoon, oboe, or English horn sounds (in-app purchase – more coming soon!)
  • Play InTune again to improve your score – and your ear!

“There are a number of ear training apps available for the iPhone, but InTune has actual science to back it up.”
– Discchord

InTune is an outgrowth of 25 years of intonation research by Daniel Kazez, cellist and professor of music at Wittenberg University. The concept began as a method to test pitch discrimination, the ability to differentiate pitches that are close together. But then in a research study, Dr. Kazez discovered that students’ listening improved the more often they played – at triple the rate of those who did not. Download now and see if InTune works for you!

“Very easy to use…a fun and useful addition to your practice toolbox.” – Horn World
“Musical perfectionists and sound geeks beware: this game could become an obsession… It will absolutely help you develop a more discerning ear.” – Voice Council Magazine

We’re always improving InTune! Please send your comments and requests to [email protected] Wondering what’s a “good” score? It varies, based on music experience and age, but first-time users often score under 50% of a half step, or under 20% if they have music experience. With repeated use, scores improve substantially. Those with music experience may reach 1% of a half step, or even better.


Plan Price Details
InTune – Intonation Trainer $0.99 Paid mobile app.
InTune Clarinet Add-on $0.99 In-app purchase.
InTune Oboe Add-on $0.99 In-app purchase.
InTune Bassoon Add-on $0.99 In-app purchase.
InTune English Horn Add-on $0.99 In-app purchase.


Music Teacher
February 18, 2019

This is a great tool to show students how to hear pitch difference, and to demonstrate the degree to which pitches can differ and sound almost the same but still not be “in tune” with each other.