GoSoapBox is used during class to break down participation barriers, keeping students engaged, and giving teachers insight into student comprehension that was never before possible.

Students and teachers join a GoSoapBox event through their laptops, smartphones, or tablets, and interact during class. GoSoapBox is anonymous among students, so teachers will hear questions and opinions that they never would have otherwise. By breaking down participation barriers, GoSoapBox allows teachers to quickly assess student comprehension, and address common problem areas.


Plan Price Details
GoSoapBox $15/month 14-day trial, 50% discount is offered if prepaid annually.


April 26, 2012

Just spent my first day on GoSoapBox with two different classes of conceptual physics students, grades 9-12 in a socioeconomically and ethnically diverse public school. I checked out one of the schools rolling laptop carts for the day and every pair of students had a wireless connection from their desks. Normally, I would wait until I'd had more experience to write a review, but this can't wait. My students and I loved it.

From the teacher perspective, getting up and going is easy. It took me less than five minutes to understand the basic functionality and to begin creating my "event." The formative assessment polling is just like any other polling tool you find out there only GoSoapBox has cooler colors! The discussions function is my favorite. I post a question that goes beyond the multiple choice and kids have at it. I delete responses that are distracting in real time and I know who posted them (the names are anonymous between students, however). The social Q and A proved a little distracting for the students and they told me as much when I asked them to evaluate the tool, but I anticipate the distraction is largely due to the newness of the tool. I could really see the Social Q and A function working well in an asynchrous blended environment.

Students unanimously stated they preferred GoSoapBox to our old clickers. They had zero trouble following my directions and responding to questions in a timely fashion.

There are some things I would add to the tool. A default abcd or 1234 option for multiple choice questions qould be nice, instead of having to type that in every time. And an import function to bring in slide shows of questions would make this my new favorite tool. Maybe that already exists in the management dashboard? I'll have to take a look. In sum, I will be using it again.