Goalbook empowers teachers to adapt instruction using research-based strategies.

Our online Toolkit of learning goals and teaching strategies, along with our best-in-class professional development, empower teachers to adapt instruction for special populations.

Goalbook’s mission is to empower the success of ALL students, particularly students with disabilities. We use a blended approach to build capacity in the most important school-based factor in improving student outcomes: teachers. By combining engaging professional development with simple and powerful technology tools, we help educators make their work more effective, research-based, AND sustainable in personalizing learning so that ALL students succeed.

Breadth of Content

We take each Common Core standard, identify its “Essential” – or “Core Purpose” – and create specific and measurable IEP goals. Our repository includes content for Pre-K to Grade 12 in the academic subject areas of Reading, Writing, Math, and Speech, in addition to Behavior, Social Emotional, and Autism.

Multiple Levels of Support

We use UDL-aligned accommodations and modifications to develop scaffolded instruction at mild, moderate and intense levels of support. Every standard has adapted goals so that teachers can start at the most appropriate level for students.

Instructional Strategies

Aligned instructional strategies and resources aid teachers as they plan instruction. We place strategies at the fingertips of teachers to maximize access to the standards for every student.

District-wide PD Plan

Through our onsite Academy courses, we train district leaders and educators, offering a fully scalable professional development plan that meets the needs of every teacher in your district.

Variety of Courses

Goalbook offers 8 distinct Leadership Academy Courses that train educators on the topics of aligning specialized instruction to the Common Core, differentiating based on student present levels, and designing effective instruction using Universal Design for Learning.

Research-Based Practices

Our professional development draws from the research of leading academic institutions. Our trainers are experienced and respected leaders in their fields, and districts often tell us that our trainers are the best they have seen.

Tailored to Each District

We partner with over 100 districts, always working closely with district leadership to design the most effective implementation plan. Our Academy courses are tailored to empower educators with instructional strategies and tools that have real impact in the classroom.

Institutional Research

We draw upon 20+ years of research from leading institutions, including CAST and the University of Kansas, to develop our instructional resources and professional development.

Teacher Training & Certification Programs

We partner with universities and teacher training programs as they use Goalbook Toolkit to train the next generation of special education teachers.

Academic Advisors

In collaboration with our team of academic advisors, who are thought leaders in their respective areas of study, we provide teachers with emerging best practices.


Plan Price Details
District/School Premium Membership $395/year per teacher Full access plus dedicated support for district/school administrators.
District/School Gold Membership $575/year per teacher All the premium features plus online professional development and 1:1 coaching for teachers.
Additional Services for Districts: Analytics Dashboard +$80/year per teacher Get insight into how your teachers are using Goalbook Toolkit. With administrator access to analytics you'll be able to see what parts of the site your teachers are using, and what effect it has on their performance and quality of work.
Additional Services for Districts: Goalbook Toolkit Online Training +$50 per teacher Schools are bombarded with new technology and tools every year. We'll help your teachers get on-board with a Goalbook Toolkit webinar and share best practices in integrating the site into teachers' workflow.


September 10, 2012

Goalbook is a great tool to use for students in a classroom for whom you have an individualized education plan. Every teacher has a certain set of goals that they set for each student, and Goalbook provides a way for teachers to set educational goals for each students and track the progress of those students meeting their educational goals. Teachers, students and parents alike can help to set the individualized goals and continuously see the progress being made to reach those goals. The best part is that everyone involved in creating the Goalbook is able to see what tools and resources are working positively towards reaching the goal and those that are not working.

As a homeschool teacher, I think this is a great tool to use for a homeschool program, especially because of the frequent opportunity of one-on-one attention from teacher to student.