Gnowledge is a free-to-use education platform where everyone can create, publish, share and take tests, exercises and assignments.

What can it do?

Besides the basic functionality of taking, creating, and sharing any tests that you want on Gnowledge, you will gain access to the following features:

  • Access to any tests’ answers at the end of taking a test
  • Track your taken test scores history
  • Save the progress in your test, so you can continue it at any time.
  • You can have access to your own Vanity Page detailing your profile information and all of your tests in one page.
  • Test timer function, which is optional.
  • Tracking the results and individual answers of everyone who has taken your test.
  • Gnowledge employs a question and answer orders randomization system, allowing you to take the same test multiple times and have it be different each time.

What makes Gnowledge unique?

Other online test sites have some combination of the following:

  • A single solitary source of content. Gnowledge enables users to create and publish tests, quizzes and exercises, share them via their Vanity Page and/or link to their individual pages or tests from other sites.
  • Feature creep and overload, many of which are ignored. With so many features, the interface of other sites are often cluttered and unintuitive. Gnowledge instead wants to build from a small base of core essential features and add-on based on usage and demand as well as key internal metrics.
  • Many other similar sites are closed in nature; if a university employs the system, you will only see and be able to access content for that university. Gnowledge is public by nature.

Who is Gnowledge for? What benefits will they get?

Gnowledge is most suitable for students, educators and parents with school-going children.

  • Students worldwide have free ready-access to exercises and test papers pertaining to their studies with results delivered to them instantly upon completion of each individual exercise.
  • Educators can utilize the Gnowledge website to store frequently used exercises and test papers, which can then be assigned to individual students or entire classrooms. Assigned exercises can be handed in electronically with the results automatically corrected and completed, thus saving precious time on manual individual exercise correction.
  • Test papers stored on the site can be reused and reassigned to as many students as frequently as desired.
  • Parents can use the site to keep tabs on the academic aptitude and progress of their school-going children in a similar way that teachers use the Gnowledge website for. Detailed results of exercises completed by their children on the Gnowledge website can be forwarded to and subsequently viewed and evaluated by parents.


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Gnowledge Free Gnowledge is a free public portal


May 23, 2012

A great site for creating collaborative quizzes.