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FreshGrade allows teachers and students to quickly and easily capture learning in a way that revolutionizes learning. Capture rich media artifacts of student learning as it happens—through pictures, videos, audio recordings, links, documents and anecdotal notes. Share student portfolios, send class-wide announcements, and monitor portfolio activity.

“FreshGrade forms a continuous glimpse into each child’s progress that parents and students can share.” — Sir Ken Robinson, Author, Creative Schools.

The Wall Street Journal reports that FreshGrade, “makes real-time learning assessment as easy as snapping selfies.”

FreshGrade creates meaningful communication and increases engagement between teachers, students and parents. Using the FreshGrade Parent App and FreshGrade Student App, students and parents have secure access to view, comment and upload additional artifacts to the student’s portfolio. The FreshGrade suite of applications features student portfolios, parent engagement, custom assessment tools, custom activities/assignments with curriculum alignment and classroom announcements.


  • Forever free for Teachers, Parents, and Students
  • Capture student learning through photos, videos, audio recordings, and notes
  • Store and/or share evidence of learning in students’ digital portfolios
  • Communicate student-specific information and class-wide announcements to parents
  • No in-app purchases, third-party advertising or data sharing
  • Available for Android, Chromebooks, in any browser and on iOS.

Enabling Teachers

Through devices and secure technology that people use everyday, we provide the tools to allow you to be an effective educator without adding more to your to-do list. Communicate using digital portfolios on the go, recording artifacts of learning, and uploading them directly to student portfolios. Instantly tag individual students or groups of students, automatically capture learning in individual student portfolios and send to parents or guardians.

“It has been a positive step forward in communicating student learning. Teachers appreciate the dialogue it has created in looking at the new curriculum, and their assessment practices.” — Principal, Hazelgrove Elementary

Empowering Students

Capturing activities inside and out of the classroom has never been easier, putting control of continuous learning in the hands of students and their stakeholders. Teachers have noticed that as a result of using FreshGrade, their students take a greater ownership of their learning.

“Kids thrive on ownership. They love to access their portfolios, read teacher and parent comments, and know that they can have a say in their learning.” — Principal, Cambridge Elementary

Engaging Parents

Provide parents with a window into their child’s learning journey. FreshGrade enables stronger communication outside of the classroom, providing parents with greater awareness of their child’s development. Engaged parents become partners in their child’s education, supporting learning at home with specific feedback from teachers.

“Parents have been very excited about knowing and being more aware of the learning that occurs. They are better able to support learning at home with the specific feedback from teachers.” — Principal, Dogwood Elementary

About FreshGrade

FreshGrade was founded in 2012 by a group of dedicated individuals who saw a better way to communicate a child’s progress. FreshGrade is now used in over 70 countries worldwide and has users across all 50 states. In the largest school district using FreshGrade across their classrooms, 30% have replaced traditional report cards with FreshGrade.

Contact Us

We would love to hear from you [email protected] or on Twitter @FreshGrade for general inquiries and [email protected] for support. We always appreciate your feedback!


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Districts & Schools Schedule a demo Although each district has unique needs, districts everywhere have been struggling with how to meaningfully engage parents in a way that will reduce teacher workload and improve learning outcomes. Learn how FreshGrade can solve this critical challenge in your district.


December 7, 2015

Introduced to me by one of our third grade teachers, Fresh Grade is on online portfolio tool that students can use to curate their own work, or submit projects for teacher created activities.  Advantages, students can capture their work using photos, video, audio, and PDF documents.  Fresh Grade is a web tool and also 3 apps. One for teachers, one for students and one for parents. Teachers create class, add students.  Before each student gets an access code, teachers must check a box that they have received parent permission for each child. Once they have an…

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