Forest School Activities EYFS Pack

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Fun EYFS outdoor activities for children to enjoy
If you are looking for a way to make time outside more interesting and educational for your EYFS children, this ‘My Five Senses Scavenger Hunt Activity’ might be just what you need.

These EYFS outdoor activities are divided into twelve sections, with each section asking children to locate an object that fills a sensory criterion, such as “something smooth”, “something yellow”, or “something that has a smell”.

Why not divide your students into groups and challenge them to complete their worksheets as quickly as they can?


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Forest School Activities EYFS Pack Free Free for use.


November 27, 2020

A bundle of activities for work outside.

This pack is easy to use, has a cute and friendly design and encourages children to think about engagement with the outside world.

Perfect for field trips or walking outside in the school grounds. Could also be set as homework for kids to go with parents or guardians into nature.