First In Math


The First In Math Online Program offers comprehensive content—ranging from single-step addition to complex algebra—in an engaging format. Online K-8 math games strengthen fluency, automaticity, computational thinking and other critical skills. 

This dynamic, proven program encourages students to practice through IMMEDIATE FEEDBACK. Game-style activities ensure that students engage in active practice required for skill retention, and motivation is fueled by reinforcement in the form of electronic award stickers when students solve problems correctly. No penalties are levied for incorrect responses, and students become encouraged to take ownership of math learning and practice. 

First In Math employs a brain-based learning technique known as DEEP PRACTICE, where skills that normally take months of regular practice can be mastered in a matter of weeks, or even days. 

In class or at home, First In Math builds a positive self-identity about the ability to learn math. Successful outcomes in small increments help students see that it is possible to improve skills through practice and experience. 

The program can be used 24/7 on a device with internet access. Students will advance at different rates, according to their individual skill levels, but ALL players should experience improvement in numerical fluency and increased speed. Studies show that students who use First In Math on a regular basis see measurable improvement in math skills. Teachers access data in quick snapshots or detailed display. Several rostering options and easy setup. 



Plan Price Details
Subscription Varies First In Math® is the most cost-effective program available. For schools, the cost is generally $8 per child, but call 800-242-4542 to find out about district pricing and other discounts. The program provides hundreds of standards-aligned games students can access 24/7 for practice and immediate feedback.