Fantastic Contraption


If you build it…will it run? Just press the “START” button and find out! You’ll be hooked!

  • Named one of the 15 Great iPhone games by!
  • See what generated over 10 million visits to the Fantastic Contraption website with over 5 million contraptions built!

The concept is simple: build a machine from simple parts to move a goal-object to the goal area of the level. The amazing thing is, for each level there are as many solutions as there are players! The possibilities are endless!

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a physicist or engineer to build wonderful working contraptions. The simple controls and step-by-step tutorial will have you building fantastic contraptions in no time! Great fun for the whole family!


  • Includes the “All Star Pack” of levels in addition to the original 21 classic levels. Over 40 built-in puzzles and over 16,000 downloadable!
  • Built-in editor to create your own custom levels.
  • Community sharing! Upload your own contraptions and custom levels. Download the best ones from all over the world.


Plan Price Details
Fantastic Contraption Website Free Free to play.
Fantastic Contraption App $1.99 Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.


Math Pro
May 9, 2013

Great physics game for learning.