Drive About: Number Neighborhood


Drive, fly, and sail around Number Neighborhood – a delightful world filled with early learning math activities. Kids practice number identification and writing, counting, matching and ordering in an environment that encourages free play, exploration and fun. For ages 5 and under.


– Drive About: Number Neighborhood is so brilliant you have to wonder why no one thought of doing something like this before! – Teachers with Apps


Drive About: Number Neighborhood offers a wide variety of scenes and activities to suit a range of ages from Preschool to Kindergarten. Discover math as you drive through the city and countryside, sail to a submarine and dive to the bottom of the sea, guide a hot air balloon to the clouds and blast off into space with a rocket.


  • Catch-a-Sea Pickle – tap the sea pickles displaying the target number
  • Whale Feeding – use a slingshot to feed the whale the correct number of cabbages
  • Cloud Writing – trace the numbers in the sky
  • Construction Blocks – stack the blocks in order, to turn on the lights
  • See-Saw – balance the animals on the see-saw with equal sums
  • Space Vacuum – clean up and count shoes, donuts, marbles and more
  • Number Painting – color by numbers to paint a masterpiece
  • Cookie Bakery – play chef and decorate your cookies with matching toppings
  • Snowboard Slalom – guide a snowboarding yak to touch the flags in order

Designed for self-directed play, Drive About: Number Neighborhood gives your child a license to drive, fly and sail in a world that encourages free play and allows kids to practice early numeracy at their own pace and with minimal instruction.

Drive About: Number Neighborhood is a universal app that is available in the following languages: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Russian


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Plan Price Details
Drive About: Number Neighborhood $2.99 Compatible with iOS devices.


June 12, 2014

Drive About: Number Neighborhood, by Artgig Studio, is a brilliant concept to engage preschoolers through kindergarteners in plenty of exploratory learning, incorporating¬†math readiness skills, in a super friendly format! We loved visiting the 9 different neighborhoods Artgig has planned for us. Each environment is filled with delightful activities focusing on building a strong foundation in math awareness. The kids we worked with were mesmerized; all of them played Drive About: Number Neighborhood for extended lengths of time. The real indicator this app is a keeper, with extended shelf life, was evidenced by how often children returned despite our pleas…

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