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For the first time in forever: trace your finger over the all new Frozen Color Map to discover every single scene from Frozen! Never before have Frozen and the rest of the feature films from Walt Disney Animation Studios been browsable in this way.

Chill out with the latest chapter, dedicated to Walt Disney Animation Studios’ 53rd animated feature, Frozen. Discover the art and inspiration behind the Kingdom of Arendelle, learn how animators incorporate personality into costumes, and explore techniques used to develop humorous characters through art and animation. Get exclusive, behind-the-scenes access to Frozen’s concept art, character sketches, test animation, scenes from the film, and Elsa’s Snow animation workshop.

Dozens of top animators, artists, technicians, and designers contributed to making Disney Animated an unprecedented experience. Disney Animated, presented in English, captures the original storytelling of all Disney animated feature films, allowing you to browse never before seen concept art, visual effects and more.

Disney Animated is the most comprehensive and unprecedented look at Disney animation to date; it brings the animators’ desks to your iPad. The app gives you access to an astonishing amount of material from all eras of Walt Disney Animation Studios, beginning with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) and continuing through an exclusive in-depth look at Frozen.

Throughout Disney Animated, explore pages packed with interactive images and multi-layer animated clips to discover how Walt Disney Animation Studio films are brought to life. Animate authentic Disney 3D character models, and control a Disney visual effects simulation. Browse a rich timeline of all 53 Disney animated feature films, and more.

Apple’s iPad App of the Year for 2013. Selected by Mashable as a Mashie Award finalist for Best Branded App. Awarded Best Digital Book in the FutureBook 2013 Innovation Awards. Recognized as one of the 50 best apps of 2013 by The Observer. Nominated for the 2014 SXSW Interactive Award in the Art Category.

Bonus Content:

Disney Animated contains an unabridged version of the Principles of Animation chapter from the iconic work The Illusion of Life: Disney Animation by Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston. Unlike in the print edition, all the illustrations move when touched.

Background Information:

Disney Animated is a co-production of Disney Interactive, Walt Disney Animation Studios, and Touch Press. It is co-authored by best-selling writer and Chief Creative Officer of Touch Press, Theodore Gray, and Producer/Creative Director for Walt Disney Animation Studios, Dave Bossert.

Special Note on Installation:

To install this app on your iPad, you’ll temporarily need more space than is stated on the iTunes store page, up to 6.0Gb. Once the app is installed, it goes back to 2.0Gb. If this is an issue, there are two possible solutions, the first option being the ideal:

  1. Download the title to your PC/Mac via iTunes and then sync with your iPad, which eliminates the need for extra space. Re-downloading via iTunes on a PC or Mac will not cause you to be charged twice, providing you are signed into the same iTunes account as on your iPad.
  2. Temporarily remove some data from your iPad to clear space, and then you can put it back on your iPad once the app has been installed.


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Disney Animated $2.99 This app is designed for iPad.


June 28, 2014

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